Moving towards stiller waters ...

During these uncertain times, it is natural for our minds to get caught up with so many thoughts and emotions - especially worries about what might happen in the future.

Inviting you to pause right now - and notice what thoughts are here for you. Perhaps thoughts such as .... 

"Do I feel comfortable with easing lockdown restrictions? What will happen to my child's schooling? What's going on with my work? How can I manage financially? When can we get back to normal? Actually, what IS normal .... ?" 

And wrapped up with these thoughts are emotions, such as anxiety and fear.  Sometimes these thoughts and emotions can completely overwhelm us and engulf us - adding to the difficulty of what's already here.

Mindfulness can help.

Just bringing all of your awareness to your breath helps you to let go of thoughts and emotions that are here for you - and move towards a place of present-moment focus, calm and clarity.

My short 3 Step Breathing Space guided practice helps you to come to your breath, whenever you need some peace and stillness. And the more you practice it, the more you create a new, helpful 'habit' that you can tap into any time you need it in your daily life.

Come to the breath - and move towards stiller waters ....

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