Feel the fear... and choose curiosity instead!

I stay in a lovely, quirky hotel when I’m working in London – and every day they put posters in the lifts for their customers’ entertainment.

This one really struck me as it is so simple, yet powerful.

Just like most people, sometimes situations arise in my life which I’m fearful or apprehensive of – and I know that it’s possible to find all sorts of ways to put off, or avoid, tackling them!

What my mindfulness practice has shown me is that I am able to just notice when I am fearful or apprehensive - and choose not to get carried away with it.

When I choose to approach the situation with an attitude of curiosity, I am able to explore what’s actually here. I can open to it, instead of avoiding it. I have learned to experience it with “fresh eyes” - as if it’s the first time I’ve ever come across it.

Bringing curiosity to the situation allows me to see what opportunities it has to offer me.

“In mindfulness, this attitude of openness and curiosity is known as 'Beginner's Mind'”

By bringing this attitude to many diverse situations in my life, I’ve found it can be positively life-changing… So - when you “replace fear of the unknown with curiosity” as the poster says, it can indeed be a very valuable approach.

Have you tried this approach? I'd love to hear how it works for you.

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