Training your brain

How you can train your brain

Mindfulness exercises are simple – yet embedding a new healthy ‘habit’ isn’t necessarily easy …

Mindfulness offers many benefits to physical and emotional health and wellbeing. These benefits are often profoundly life-enhancing and positively transformational.

A ‘tried and tested’ way of learning and embedding mindfulness tools and techniques is through a course. My mindfulness courses have weekly or bi-weekly sessions over a number of weeks.

I trained with the University of Bangor and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. I am accredited to teach 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction / Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBSR/MBCT) courses – in or out of the workplace.

I draw on a wide and diverse skill set – see about - which enables me to bring you authentic mindfulness training based on scientifically validated approaches in many other ways:

  • I have a wealth of experience in 1:1 Mindful Coaching. My experience enables me to help people to overcome significant professional and/or personal challenges including:
    • bereavement
    • switching careers
    • overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • I am a co-founder of a wellbeing business called Be ... Naturally, together with the wonderful yoga teacher Julie Wraight. Be ... Naturally helps you to live your best life through natural approaches - offerings include mindfulness-themed day / residential retreats.
  • I am highly experienced in bringing mindfulness into the workplace. This includes:
    • courses adapted to optimally fit with the organisation
    • ad-hoc workshops to address ‘hot topics’
    • 1:1 coaching, including leaders’ solutions that embed mindfulness sustainably into the culture

As my passion is to help people live the best lives possible, I recognise that there are many ways to bring you mindfulness training.

Other than ensuring my training has scientific integrity, I am infinitely flexible in my approach. I train 1:1 or as part of a group or team, and in settings as diverse as ancient woodlands or the beach, a retreat space or a boardroom in the City.

Please do contact me to discuss what mindfulness could look like for you. Also check out my updates and events page to see what’s already happening.