7 out of 10 workers

Office workers doing yoga

…. have ‘checked out’ or are ‘actively disengaged’

In 2014, over 73% of people in the workplace experienced stress that caused psychological or physical symptoms

The estimated mental ill health costs for employers in the UK is £26 billion

This is the backdrop to which many organisations are operating currently. And that’s without factoring in on-going restructure, downsizing or other major organisational change.

The good news is that mindfulness can help – and so can I.

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to:

  • decrease the impact of stress
  • increase personal resilience and effectiveness
  • enhance the ability to manage change effectively

I am highly experienced in bringing mindfulness into the workplace. I do this through a range of offerings, tailored to meet the unique and specific requirements of each organisation I work with.

My clients range from local charities to major global organisations. I work in sectors as diverse as end-of-life care and financial investment.

I have an exemplary track record of adding value through mindfulness, with outstanding feedback from participants.

My knowledge spans the depth and breadth of scientifically-validated mindfulness approaches, accredited coaching strategies, as well as personal experience of life’s ‘ups and downs’ - including redundancy and retraining to set up a successful business.

This brings my mindfulness training alive, making it practical and applicable, both in and out of the workplace.

I combine my experience with intuition, warmth, compassion and curiosity to create appropriate mindfulness offerings. I offer optimal value and positive impact for your colleagues and for your organisation, wherever it’s at right now.

There may be ‘hot topics’ you are looking to address, for example an imminent major change or Performance Review time.

To support colleagues through these changes, I can create a workshop or event to give them tangible mindfulness tools, with practical ways to apply them.

Examples of such interventions include:

  • Mindfulness and Sleep
  • Mindfulness and Change
  • Mindfulness for Leaders
  • Mindfulness and Giving / Receiving Feedback

A formal training course, based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction / Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBSR/MBCT) approaches, may be the best option. I work with you to adapt it to fit what’s best for your organisation and colleagues - always ensuring we maintain the scientific integrity of the training.

I have conducted 1:1 Mindful Coaching programmes in many organisations, with colleagues at all levels. I help them be their best and inspire and empower them to overcome the challenges they are facing.

Examples include:

  • coaching a junior colleague to increase self-esteem and confidence
  • coaching a middle manager to overcome fear of presentations
  • coaching a senior leader to build empathetic behaviour and increase engagement with the team

I always focus on helping to build and strongly embed a culture of mindfulness. I help each organisation to find ways to make this ‘self-supporting’ and sustainable for the future.

I also have a network of like-minded, accredited mindfulness teachers who I work with. So I can resource appropriate mindfulness interventions, making them scalable and robust.

Besides bringing mindfulness into your organisation, I can offer something really different. I can invite colleagues to step out of the office and into a stunning natural setting for a bespoke Mindfulness in Nature event.

Many ‘team-building’ events can reinforce competitiveness and ‘striving’. Immersing oneself in nature is a unique and powerful way to build connectivity and engagement within a team, as well as developing mindfulness skills. And the benefits carry on long after the event itself is over.

Please Contact me to discuss what’s possible for you, your team and your organisation.