Nature provides food for the senses …

Bluebells in the woods

… mindfulness gives us the tools to savour it

As human beings, we are intrinsically connected to nature - yet over the years we have lost this connection.

Many of us now live or work in towns and cities and life can be hectic. We are often rushing and on autopilot, then we ‘relax’ by spending hours with our phones, computers and TV.

Net result? We have become disconnected from nature, from ourselves and from those around us. So often we don’t notice or fully appreciate what’s here.

Simply being in nature brings an immediate calmness, helping you to feel refreshed and invigorated. A wealth of scientific evidence also validates that being in the natural world is good for us, both mentally and physically.

Proven benefits include:

  • A reduction in stress, anxiety and blood pressure
  • An increase in positivity, ability to focus and energy levels
  • A boosted immune system

I am passionate about both nature and mindfulness - so bringing these two elements together is a great fit for me personally, as well as being scientifically proven to have synergistic benefits.

I have partnered with Jack Raven Bushcraft to combine their knowledge of the natural world with my expertise in mindfulness, to create a ‘Mindfulness in the woods’ programme.

At these events, we immerse ourselves in the beautiful natural setting of the stunning ancient woods at Westwell, near Ashford in Kent. We introduce you to some simple techniques to ‘wake up the senses’ so that you can fully experience nature at its best - take a look at our short 'taster video'.

These techniques enable you to re-connect with the natural elements, promoting a profound sense of balance, peace and harmony. And you will also take away tools and tips which you can apply in your daily life so you stop and connect with the present …even when you’re not in the woods.

Also, I have partnered with Julie Wraight to offer Mindfulness and Yoga events. Held in beautiful natural surroundings, these events include themed days and weekends and are designed to rebalance, restore and re-energise you.

Why not let me create a ‘Mindfulness in Nature’ day or weekend event for you – whether for a group of friends or your team in the workplace? Please Contact me to discuss possibilities.