Mindfulness – ‘fitness training for the brain’

Mindfulness is fitness training for the brain

Work out the ‘brain muscle’ regularly through mindfulness practice

Through simple mindfulness exercises – called practices – we learn techniques we can then apply practically in daily life to help us live with focus, calm and clarity. For example:

Mindfulness exercise: Noticing when our mind wanders off and choosing to bring it back to where WE want it to be.
In everyday life: focus our attention fully, on just one thing – increases effectiveness and eliminates multi-tasking

Mindfulness exercise: Noticing thoughts and emotions – simply observing what’s here, rather than getting carried away with them.
In everyday life: when we notice we are preoccupied with ruminating on the past or over-planning/worrying about the future, we can choose to let go and come back to the ‘here and now’ – so WE manage our thoughts, emotions and impulses rather than them managing us.

Mindfulness exercise: Take a pause.
In everyday life: step off the ’treadmill’ of life – pause, breathe and be. This hits the ‘reset’ button for the mind and body so you can respond, not react ….. even when under pressure.:

Mindfulness exercise: Be present.
In everyday life: ‘wake up’ from being on autopilot and become fully aware of who and what is here, so you can savour life

Regular mindfulness practice is scientifically proven to result in tangible, life-enhancing benefits – including those above, and many more.

My passion is helping people to live the best life possible – and developing a mindfulness practice will enable you to do this, with focus, calm and clarity.

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