Live the best life possible

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You can’t always choose what life brings – but you CAN choose how you respond to it.

We all want to be happy, healthy and live the best life possible.

Yet life sometimes has other ideas. It can bring us things that knock us for six. The pace we live our life can leave us over-busy and frazzled, wishing we could step 'off the treadmill' and find some peace. Constant ‘mind chatter’ can drain and deplete us. Sometimes we simply feel we are not living life to the full.

You can't always choose what life brings you - but mindfulness can help you choose how you respond to it.

Mindfulness is not a magic wand - it won’t take any difficult things away. It's also not a 'quick fix' - just like going to the gym, you need to practice mindfulness regularly to reap the benefits. Mindfulness cultivates awareness – of yourself, of others and of what's here in this moment. This awareness enables you to make skillful choices, so you can live your best life possible. You can choose to manage your thoughts and emotions, rather than them manage you. To respond, not react. To live your life with curiosity, positivity and a sense of purpose - and to be as happy and healthy as it is possible for you to be.

I can help too.

My passion is to enable people to live their best life possible. I help people to access mindfulness and embed it tangibly and practically into their daily life, in a way that's right for them, so they can make positive change happen. People become healthier, happier and more resilient. They respond effectively to what life brings - and they explore living their best life possible.

I work 1:1 and with groups, teams and organisations - in settings as diverse as ancient woodlands, the beach or a boardroom in the City. My approach to mindfulness is also diverse - including teaching 8 week courses, running exploratory workshops, 1:1 mindful coaching and meditating in nature.

Please do browse through my website and contact me to explore how I can help you live your best life possible.