Live your best life possible

Welcome to Inspirational Changes

We all want to be happy, healthy and live well ... yet life sometimes has other ideas.

Life can bring us things that knock us for six. The pace we live our life can leave us over-busy and frazzled, wishing we could step 'off the treadmill' and find some peace. Constant ‘mind chatter’ can drain and deplete us - as can certain people. We've lost our connection with nature - and possibly ourselves and others too. Sometimes we feel we are simply not living life to the full.

Does this sound familiar?

My passion is to help you to become healthier, happier and more resilient - so you can deal readily with whatever life brings and live with peace, balance and purpose.

The depth of my training and experience in coaching, mindfulness and forest therapy - as well as my corporate and scientific background - gives me a unique range of approaches to draw on. This enables me to create authentic and scientifically-validated offerings which enhance physical, mental and social well-being and quality of life. I share these offerings with intuition, warmth, compassion, connectedness, empathy and curiosity to help you to create positive, sustainable change and truly live your best life.

I work 1:1 and with public and private groups as well as with teams and organisations, in settings ranging from ancient woodlands and beaches to boardrooms in the City.

Please do browse through my website and contact me to explore how I can help you to live well - with peace, balance and purpose.